All Participants must abide by the CCofSE Code of Conduct. Participants and parents should review this before the tournament.

The following Code of Conduct applies to members of Christian Communicators of the South East (CCofSE), and those attending CCofSE events. All those associated with CCofSE are expected to help ensure that the Code is honored. Parents will be the first line of enforcement of this Code of Conduct as it relates to their children.

The Standard
Because biblical principles are the standard for our conduct, we will seek, to the best of our ability, to adhere to the following guidelines:

We will treat others with respect before, during, and after rounds, regardless of the outcome.
We will use Christ-honoring language that edifies others.
We will not engage in cheating, plagiarism, or deception.
We will dress in a way that is modest and does not call attention to ourselves.
We will gratefully consider the investment of time that volunteer judges make at tournaments, and graciously accept their decisions.
We will treat facilities used during CCofSE events with respect and care. We will report any damage to facilities, regardless of the magnitude of the damage, to CCofSE leadership.
We agree to sumit to the authority of the CCofSE leadership during CCofSE events and with respect to CCofSE related issues.
We will handle any offense that might occur according to the principles set forth in Matthew 18:15-17 (start privately, then, if necessary, involve one or two witnesses, and finally, if it becomes necessary, the tournament director or CCofSE leadership).

Resolving Conflict
Should an issue come up at a CCofSE event that needs to be resolved, we will follow the biblical guidelines found in Matthew 18.

Keep the matter confidential by going to the individual first. Most differences can be resolved this way.
Keep the circle small.If the issue is not resolved, prayerfully take it to a coach who may or may not choose to take it to the tournament director.
Be humble and forgiving. Choose not to take offense whenever possible.
At a tournament, the tournament director will be the final authority to determine any action that needs to be taken.